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Lupine Blooming in Iceland – When and Where to See Them

Iceland has a number of attractions that seem infinite and change throughout the year, travel to Iceland in the winter is completely different from knowing it in the summer (you can see here our post on the best time of year to visit Iceland).
One of the images that also mark Iceland (there are so many) passes by when the sun begins to invade the island and the scenery is filled with beautiful and strange purple flowers that fill the horizon in carpets that seem infinite.
These wonderful carpets are just another of the huge contrasts we find in Iceland. We easily think of Iceland like a bit of the moon on the planet Earth, with its deserts of lifeless volcanic rock. Iceland is also characterized by its glaciers and miles of ice, as well as the image of fire, for who has not heard of the volcanoes of Iceland? But Iceland has always more, much more to offer, and there are also immense fields of a beautiful plant that extends on the horizon for miles, named Lupine Flowers.

When we made our…

Iceland's Ring Road - 21 Things You Should Know When Planning Your Road Trip

One of the dream vacations of a lot of people is traveling by car along Ring Road, all over Iceland. It was also for us and if we had the idea that we would like it after we go we can guarantee that it was well above our best expectations and is certainly among the best trips we have made in our lives.

When we felt it was time to make this our dream trip, we made the appointment well in advance and we had about 10 months to prepare it. This was very positive, as we did not want to just go to the capital and explore the main sights around, we had the desire to make the Ring Road, one of the best road trips you can do throughout your life, we can guarantee.
Since we were only going to have 8 days to do it, and as we traveled with our 4-year-old son at the time, this trip led us to do a lot of research and preparation in order to make the most of each day of our adventure, also, to make this trip the least expensive possible, something always important to take into account when traveling t…