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What is the best place to stay in Lima? Tips for a family trip

Visiting Peru has always been a huge desire of our family but, we are forced to say that the main goal for our trip to Peru was to visit Machu Picchu, which is in the Cusco area. However, as for so many tourists arriving annually to Peru, our gateway to this country would be through the capital, the city of Lima.
We know that many people just pass through Lima and go as quickly as possible to Cusco, however, this was not our desire, because we wanted to know the city of Lima and, thankfully, we did it. We booked 3 nights of our family trip to the city of Peru and, it was the best thing we could do.
Of course, it would always be impossible to know a city as vast as Lima in only 3 days but, but we wanted to know the most we could, so one of the issues we had when organizing our family trip to Lima was: what is the best place to stay in Lima?

And this might not be an easy question because, in fact, Lima is an immense city that, with about 9 million inhabitants (almost as much as our country…

Rainbow Mountain with kids

It's safe for children´s to climb the Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru?
We have the wish to discover the world, like so many of our readers and, visiting Peru was included in that dream, and was for a long time a wish of the whole family. But Peru is a big country, especially when compared with Portugal, a small but beautiful country.

Going to Peru takes most of the visitors, like us, to schedule a large part of their stay in the region of Cusco, where the greatest attraction of this wonderful country, Machu Picchu is located.
FWe actually booked 6 days, 5 nights of our stay in the Cusco region and of course we had the objective of exploring the region as much as possible, besides the logical and essential visit to Machu Picchu.
Macho Picchu, by itself, captivates any of us to visit the region of Cusco but, something that we discover on our researches was that one of the images we often encounter of a wonderful mountain of different colors, was precisely in the region of Cusco. As soon…

Perfect day trip from Vienna - How to go from Vienna to Bratislava

Whoever follows our blog knows that we are a Portuguese family and, something we Portuguese are used to is to be in a very big distance from other countries, with the exception of Spain, our neighbors. The fact that we have a huge coast is wonderful but, adding to that half of our country is surrounded by sea, and the other by Spain, a huge country, leads the Portuguese to be accustomed to traveling to countries other than Spain by airplane.
However, something we love when we travel more to the center of Europe is how close and easy it is to move from one country to another, something that for many seems perfectly natural, for us, Portuguese, it's not and, in this way, we seek to combine the visit to 2 or more destinations every time that we have that chance.
On one of our family trips, we spent four days in the wonderful city of Vienna, which we loved but something we had previously planned was to spend a day visiting the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava.
Did you know that …

Everything you need to know about the Nazaré Canyon. When, where and how to see the biggest waves in the world

Suddenly, everyone awoke to a little corner of Portugal, a beach unknown to many, even the locals, called Praia do Norte, right next to the most famous beach of Nazaré. And, why this happened? The answer is easy and, it's due to what is described in Forbes as the Greatest Show on Earth, the Nazaré Canyon, capable of producing what for many is considered the greatest waves in the world, and it's the place were the world record for the largest wave ever surfed was made, right here on Nazaré beach.
It was on November 1, 2011, that Garrett McNamara introduced Nazaré and his Canyon to the world by surfing the largest wave ever surfed in the world, with 23.77 meters high, an instant Guinness World Record.

But since then, Nazaré, more specifically North Beach (Praia do Norte), have stayed on the map of the giant waves, becoming perhaps one of the most famous spots by giant wave surfers, known as the ultimate challenge of the sport, and on 8 In November 2018, Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa achi…