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Altitude Sickness and Kids: How to Prevent and Help Your Child Deal with Altitude Sickness

A holiday in the mountains is always something very appealing and attractive. However, something that sometimes frights parents of children preparing to travel to high places, is the so famous Altitude Sickness, also known as Moutain Sickness or, if you go to Peru or Bolivia, as Soroche.
No one wants their holidays spoiled and, in particular, no one wants their children to suffer any discomfort, particularly in this situation, from the consequences of Altitude Sickness. In our case, what led us to investigate this occurrence was the trip to Peru, in particular to Machu Picchu, which led us to try to collect as much information about Altitude Sickness, trying to know what it was, what caused it, how to prevent and, more than in the case of adults, what would be the reaction of the children because, as usual, our son, 7 years old at the time, would accompany us on this trip.
Unfortunately, there is nothing that can guarantee 100% that adults and children will not suffer from Altitude Sick…

How to get from Lima International Airport to Miraflores

The vast majority of visitors to Peru come to this country through Lima, more specifically through the Jorge Chávez International Airport. Although this is not a very big airport, has only one terminal, is one of the most important and busiest airports in South America, with optimal conditions and, having also won the award for best airport in South America in the year 2011.
Jorge Chavez International Airport is also known as the Lima International Airport, but contrary to what the name may indicate, it is not properly in Lima, but in the district of Callao, about 17 km from the Center of Lima. 

Although many people use Lima just as a gateway to Peru and seek to go directly to Cusco or other areas of the country, many others take advantage of their passage by Peru's Capital to know Lima and reserve a few days of their trip to explore the city, as was our case.
Also, like us, many of the tourists who visit Lima, end up to stay in the Miraflores district, in our opinion the best place …